Scotch Glass is going big: Walmart, Target to open new stores in California

Walmart has announced it will open a chain of “Moms” store in Los Angeles, one of the first new stores to be announced by the chain.

Walmart is the largest U.S. retailer with more than 1.8 million stores.

Target is launching a store in Oakland, California, one that will open in 2018.

The chain will also open stores in Minneapolis, Michigan; Washington, D.C.; and San Francisco, California. 

Moms will be able to buy glasses and eye glasses online and in stores, with the option to pick up glasses at the store.

The stores will feature the same store layout as the Walmart in stores and in the checkout.

Target will also offer an online-only selection of glasses, and will carry a selection of brands such as Bose, Sony and BenQ.

The Walmart will be the first store in the United States to open a new store in California.

Earlier this year, the retailer said it planned to open an additional 600 stores across the country.

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