Why We Need Glass Bongs Now, With Greenhouse Glass

It’s a great question: why do we need a glass bongs when you can have a homemade glass one for the next time you want to celebrate?

Well, if you’re a glass enthusiast, that’s just fine too.

We’re talking about a little thing called the Greenhouse glass bongo, a small-but-great portable glass banger that uses only water, leaves and a little bit of electricity.

We’ve all seen those plastic bongs that just take up a whole lot of space, but they’re pretty cute too.

These little bongs can actually do the job of a regular glass bang by holding up to two gallons of water and can even do a few other things like blow bubbles, boil ice or even freeze food.

It’s all in the name of making eco-friendly glass products and it works just as well as a glass pipe or glass bowl.

But don’t think it’s just a pipe for your glass, there’s a lot more to the Greenhouses glass buns than meets the eye.

Here’s a rundown of what makes it different.