When do you know it’s time to eat glass noodles?

When you have a glass noodle, the first thing you should do is check the temperature.

If the noodles are under 1 degree Celsius (46 F) and there’s no sign of water or steam, it’s too hot.

If they’re under 1 C (46.6 F) or they’re steaming, it might be too hot for you.

You can check the noodles temperature at any time during cooking, or at the beginning of the cooking.

When you can’t reach the noodles, add water or stock.

If it’s still too hot, reduce the heat.

If you have to, add salt.

If no water is added, add more stock or stock cube to the pot.

If your noodle is under 5 C (104 F) it might need to be cooked for a bit longer.

If so, wait for it to cool.

The noodles should be cool enough to touch but not too hot to touch.

If its too hot or you have no time to cook, you can use a thermometer.

If there’s a temperature difference, add a little more stock.

This way, you get the correct amount of water.

You don’t want to be cooking a glass noodles with a thermocouple in it.

If a noodle isn’t under 5 degrees Celsius, add some stock or water.

If none is added or there’s still a difference, cook it for a few minutes longer.

When the noodle’s cooked, remove it from the heat and discard the salt.

You should then wash it thoroughly with warm water and let it cool.

If salt is added at this point, you might want to use the microwave to heat the noodles.

This will reduce the chances of sticking to the bottom.

If not, remove the noodles and add a couple of teaspoons of salt.

Stir the noodles around to coat them.

Now you’re ready to add the noodles.

Place the noodling on a plate, with the lid closed.

Add the salt, and mix until the noodles have been coated with salt.

Serve the noodled noodles.