How to buy the perfect pair of glasses online

A pair of Burberry glasses can now be found for just $20 on Amazon, with the price cut because of the company’s poor record of supplying quality products.

The glasses, which were launched in June this year, were priced at $299.99 on Amazon at the time.

“We know that the demand for premium sunglasses is huge and the opportunity for retailers to offer better quality and value has never been greater,” Burberry Australia head of consumer products, Simon Taylor, said in a statement.

“The new price cuts will make it possible for shoppers to purchase a pair of these very affordable sunglasses for $20, which will be a significant savings.”

In a statement to ABC News, Burberry said it had a “good relationship” with Amazon and that the price cuts had not impacted the retailer’s ability to offer its products.

It also said it was working to ensure all of its online retailers were offering quality products for sale.

“As a result of these price cuts, the number of Burbears available in the online marketplace is down significantly,” it said.

“This is a good example of the power of social media and how the internet can be used to create a better marketplace for Australian retailers.”

The glasses have been popular among many Australian consumers, especially women.

The pair was initially launched as a limited-edition collection, but became available in a much larger quantity as the company sought to increase its presence in the marketplace.

It has since expanded to a range of different styles and colours.

The price cut comes as Burberry has faced criticism from consumer groups and its competitors over its quality control.

In November, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission accused Burberry of failing to ensure that its products met the Australian Standard for Good Manufacturing Practice, which sets standards for a range the Australian consumer can trust.

“Burberry’s continued failure to adequately monitor and correct its products and practices is a serious matter and Burberry is being held to account for these failings,” the watchdog said in its decision.

It urged Burberry to improve its processes and standards and to review its product sourcing and supply chain.

In December, Burbury was fined $4.3 million by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission for misleading investors.

Burberry was also forced to pay $1.8 million to settle allegations of misleading and deceptive conduct.

“Despite the company continuing to make progress towards meeting the standards it has set for itself, it remains the subject of ongoing and ongoing regulatory scrutiny by the Commission,” the company said in December.

In March, a former employee at the company was found guilty of fraud over allegations that he made a $2 million profit off a stock trading scheme.

“If Burberry does not act to address these issues urgently and quickly, Burbours failure to meet these standards may have a detrimental effect on its business and the future of its business,” the ACCC said in March.

The ACCC fined Burberry $4 million in 2014 for misleading and defrauding investors in a scheme that saw a former sales representative take $1 million from the company, then used it to invest in a company he had no control over.

In the wake of the ACCCs verdict, Burmies shares fell 4 per cent in the months that followed.

In October this year Burberry admitted that its sales of sunglasses had increased significantly since the start of the year.

It said it would reduce the number and price of the sunglasses that were available online and that it would begin to sell them through other retailers.

Burmiers Australian Head of Customer Services, Simon Wilson, told ABC News that the company had reduced the price of some of the products in its inventory, which was partly due to the recent change in the law.

“At this point in time, the price reduction is very gradual and we will continue to provide a range to customers and we are working on our pricing to provide that same price across all our online and retail outlets,” Mr Wilson said.