Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone glasses, books and the world they change

Harry Potter’s glasses, Harry Potter books and other items inspired by his favorite authors are changing the way people view the world.

Google has announced that it is making a new line of glasses with a new book, Harry’s New Adventures.

The glasses, which are part of Google Glass, will include an app for reading books, movies, and other content on Google’s device.

Google Glass has long been a staple of the geek community, especially among young tech users, and the glasses are expected to be a big draw among those looking to capture moments from the film.

Google says that the glasses will be available in August for $199 and that they will also be available at a reduced price.

“We’re very excited to announce that we are adding a new app to Google Glass that will bring you new Harry Potter stories, books, and experiences,” said Google Glass CTO Andrew Leavitt in a blog post.

“The Harry Potter series is one of the best-loved stories of all time, and now you’ll be able to watch it in a new way with new glasses that will let you read the stories and discover new books and experiences in a whole new way.”

Leavitz told The Verge that the app will let users look at books or movies on the device, as well as view news, events, and a selection of other content.

“It’s not just a movie or a book, but a new Harry Potters life, a new Potter, a whole different perspective of the world,” he said.

“Now, if you just want to read a Harry Potter book, you can do that on the glasses.”

Google has already been working on a similar app for the Google Home device.

Leavits blog post said that the new app will not include a search feature, though it is likely that a search box will be added in the future.

LeAvitt also said that Google Glass will include new features for video calling, including a video search feature that lets users search for specific videos and images from around the web.

Le Avitt also teased a new feature that will allow users to add photos to their Google Glass photos.

Google also plans to release a new version of Google Now that will include Google’s personal assistant, Siri, on the smart glasses.

Google is also expected to introduce a new camera app that will work on Glass, as Google will likely launch a new lens to go with the glasses.

“If you want to make a photo that will make your friends and family jealous, you’re going to be able do that,” Leavit said.

Google currently offers a variety of camera apps that include the HTC Vive and Samsung Galaxy S7.

Levitt said that his team was working to make the Google Glass apps better and will soon be launching new ones that will add new features and capabilities to the Glass.

“I’m really excited to say that the Google glasses will make us look even better and the app for making movies is really going to take the app to the next level,” he added.

“In the meantime, we’re continuing to work on our Glass apps, so keep your eyes peeled.”

Google’s Harry Potter glasses are scheduled to launch on August 23, but you can get one for $149, with a $20 upgrade.