How to get rid of glasses that are too narrow

I’m a huge fan of glasses for my eyes, and I have a lot of them.

I’ve been wearing them for years and years.

But I do have a couple of glasses with narrow lenses that can be difficult to take out of the box.

They don’t look very good in the corner, and they make my eyes feel really narrow and it’s really annoying.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have to wear these glasses to work every day.

So, I thought, why not make them bigger so I can get rid, well, of those glasses?

That’s when I decided to look into making my own.

I found a few glasses that I liked and wanted to use in my designs.

But one thing I wanted to make sure they fit perfectly was the width of the eyes.

I wanted glasses to fit in my eyes properly.

The next step was to find a pair of glasses in a size that would fit into the eyes of a regular person.

Here’s what I came up with.

I went with the size of the widest glasses I could find.

I was looking for something that would look like a pair you would buy in a department store, so I had to choose between the big, thick glasses that cost $100 and the smaller, thinner ones that cost about $50.

I decided on the big glasses because they are typically a bit bigger than I am, and because I wanted them to fit like a regular pair of sunglasses.

You can see from the photos above that the big lenses are much easier to take off and put back on.

The narrow glasses are a bit more tricky.

They have to be fitted by a professional, and the glasses that come with them have to have a special ring that’s just big enough to fit the narrow glasses.

But that was a pain in the ass.

So I came back to the drawing board and found something that looked like it would be easy to make and it would still fit.

I called up my friend, Rachel, and we decided to make a pair that was similar to the ones you see in the store.

We decided on an ultra-wide, medium-sized, medium frame frame with a 3-inch (10.7 cm) glass lens.

We found a pair online and made the glasses in the evenings.

I had Rachel do the measurements, and she measured the frames in her own studio, then I made the measurements in the dark.

I took all the photos in my apartment, and then I turned the lenses on, and it looked great.

The glasses have a nice shape, but there’s a bit of a curved edge on the inside of the frame, which makes them a little uncomfortable to take in.

I also noticed that the lenses are not perfectly round, so the lenses had to be rounded up.

I didn’t want the lenses to be too wide, and so I cut a hole in the frame at the front of the glasses so that the glasses could be fitted without having to make adjustments to the lenses.

So the glasses are now my workhorse, but they’re not the most comfortable pair of lenses.

The other thing I found out was that the edges of the frames are not exactly flush with the top edge of the lens.

I tried cutting out the bottom of the lenses, but I still had to make some adjustments to fit everything in.

The lenses are actually really well made, and even though the frames aren’t super-slim, they feel very comfortable.

Rachel also tested the glasses with different lighting, so she knew if the lenses needed a little bit of adjustment, then it would make the glasses feel a little less comfortable.

She found that the small frames are a little more comfortable than the medium frames, and also the frames that came with them were a bit better suited to my eyes.

So while I’m not sure if the glasses were the best for me, I’m glad I tried them and it works well for me.

I love the way they look in person, and Rachel even gave me her favorite color for the lenses!

I can’t wait to try out the wide frames when they arrive!