If you’re looking for an old school glass jar, this is the best

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That’s right, glass jars.

Glass is the old-school, glass-free way to get your products into the hands of the public.

I know, it sounds a little old fashioned, but I can’t imagine the joys of having a few old-fashioned jars to enjoy for a few years.

So here are my top 10 favorite old-timey glass jars to try this fall.1.

The Glass Bowl 2.

The Oatmeal Stout Glass Bowl 3.

The Chocolate Batter Glass Bowl 4.

The Ice Cream Jar Glass Bowl 5.

The Spicy Spicy Glass Bowl 6.

The Fudge Slab Glass Bowl 7.

The Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Jar Glass Bag 8.

The Coffee Cookie Jar Jar Glass Jar 9.

The Cookie Jar Stove Glass Jar 10.

The Jelly Sandwich Glass Jar 1 of 10 Advertisement