How to remove a broken glass from your car with a pair of sunglasses

Auto glass repair and repair glass repair are two very popular services, but a pair will only repair glass so much.

In order to get a complete repair you need to get both your glasses and car window clear.

You can do this with one pair of glasses and one pair (of lenses) for $10-20, depending on your needs.

But it’s worth doing it with both lenses for the same price, and it will help keep your repair time shorter.

Glass repair is a lot more cost effective if you do it with two glasses.

Here’s how to get two pairs of glasses for the price of one.


Clean out your glasses.

Glass is not a natural material, so cleaning out the lens area is essential.

This can be done with a toothbrush, a rag, or a sponge.

Once you have them cleaned out, simply rub the lens with a tissue and then wipe off the excess.2.

Put them back together.

The glasses can be put back together with a piece of string or tape.

You may want to do this in the garage or somewhere where you don’t have a lot of other places to put your car.

Once they’re both back together, simply slide them back into place with your fingers.3.

Clean your car window.

While glass repair is easier to do at home, you can do the repair with a plastic sheet that is glued to the glass.

This is not recommended because glass can scratch and tear easily.

To clean the glass, use a small screwdriver, a file, or other object to gently pull the sheet off the glass and out of the way.

If you have a glass breaker, you should also use it to remove the sheet.4.

Paint the glass with a clear coat.

While you can’t paint your car windows with a protective coat, you could paint them with a paint that’s clear enough to be visible to the driver.

This will help prevent glass from peeling when you are driving.

Once your car glass is clear, it can be painted.

You could also paint it to match the window.

If the window is still a little rough after you’ve painted it, you might want to get some clear coat to repair it.5.

Test your repair.

If your car’s glass repair can be completed with only one pair, you will want to make sure your repair can work with a second pair.

To test your repair, just slide your second pair into place in front of your first pair and try to pull them back out.

This should look like you have two pairs working side by side.

If it doesn’t work, then you might need to make a different repair.6.

Clean up the damage.

If there is still some glass damage, or if you are still unsure about how much damage was done, then it’s best to make another repair.

Put your second glasses back in and try them again.

If they still don’t work for you, or the glass is still broken, then replace your glasses in a shop that specializes in repair and glass.

It’s important to get your repair done in a way that won’t affect the quality of the glass repair, so if it doesn