How to get your hands on the world’s first glass bong at a Colorado craft beer shop

The glass bongs are now everywhere in Colorado and they’re getting bigger every day.

The latest is a glass banger that’s made by Glass Box.

The Glass Box Bongs were first produced in 2014 and they are now available to order online.

It’s called Glass Box and it is the first glass-banger to come from Colorado craft brewery.

Glass Box’ founder, Steve Smith, has been making glass bangers since 2007 and it’s become a huge hit in the state.

He says that he started with the idea of making glass pipes because he likes the fact that it can take up less space than a pipe.

“I love the fact, it’s a natural form of transport, so it can be transported,” Smith said.

“It’s the best thing ever.”

This is one of the few things that I think people really appreciate about this, which is it’s portable, it doesn’t take up too much space, it has a unique look, and it just feels good in your hand,” Smith added.

Glass Box offers the glass bange with an adjustable clamp to fit almost any glass pipe.

“But you also want to make sure it’s good quality, and that’s the key to this one, is the quality.””

They’re really well made,” Smith explained.

“But you also want to make sure it’s good quality, and that’s the key to this one, is the quality.”

Glass Box also sells a couple of different glass pipes and bowls.

They’re known for their great flavor, and Smith said that it’s something you can use for both your hot and cold drinks.

The bowls come in a variety of sizes and flavors and can hold about two ounces of liquid.

They also come in three different colors and styles.

The Banger is available in five flavors: Hot, Hot, Sour, Blueberry, and Strawberry.

“We’ve had some people complain that they were having problems with the taste of the banger because it wasn’t so hot, but it’s not the case,” Smith told NBC News.

“If you’re drinking a glass of water or soda, it’ll taste really good.

The hot banger tastes a little more like coffee, and if you’re really hot you’ll definitely enjoy the hot bangers.”

Smith says that the Banger works best with a straw and he uses the straw for the hot and hot drinks.

“There’s not much you can do about the straw,” Smith continued.

“You can just let it sit on your pipe and the bong will work, but you’re not going to be able to move it.

If you’re smoking it, you’re going to have a hard time moving it.

You have to just let the bongs sit there for the next hour or so.

The other thing is that you need to make the bangers big enough that you can move them around and use them for smoking.

You can put them in your pocket and then put them into your mouth.

You just need to be careful with them, because it can get quite messy.”

You can also mix up the binges with other flavors.

For example, you can try out the Strawberry banger or the Hot Pink banger.

The Hot Pink Banger has an incredibly rich flavor, with hints of strawberry and grapefruit, and the strawberry and mango are also quite sweet.

Smith says that it works best on a hot day, but he said that you could also use the hot pink banger with your coffee or tea.

“The hot pink is just a little bit sweeter than the Hot pink, so you could make a nice drink with it,” Smith advised.

“The cool thing about the bange is that it really doesn’t fill you up,” he added.

“With the hot glass, you really get a big glass of coffee, but with the bane it’s going to fill you right up, so I think that’s why people love it.

It doesn’t overwhelm you.

It just works.”

Glass Banger AccessoriesYou can add a few accessories to your banger like a water bottle, a coffee cup, or a beer glass.

The banger is made of glass and has a metal handle for a mouthpiece.

You could also put your fingers on the banged-up pipe to get a little heat from the glass.

Smith said you could even get a bowl and drink from it.

The accessories also come with a refillable straw that you just need, so they can be used multiple times in the same day.

You’ll find a selection of accessories in the Glass Box banger box.

If you have any questions about Glass Box, you’ll find them answered on the Glassbox website.