Google Glass: How to get it and how to get yourself to the beach

Google Glass is the new wearable computer for the beach.

Google Glass will be on sale in the United States for $1,499 starting March 15, the company announced Thursday.

The Glass computer includes a tiny touch-sensitive camera and an accelerometer that gives users a head-up display on their glasses that shows their current position in relation to other users in the world.

The glasses also include an infrared camera, a microphone, a light sensor, a compass and a gyroscope, according to the company.

The device is intended for recreational users, according the Google Glass website, but the company said it will also be used in businesses and schools.

It can also be worn as a face mask or as a night-vision device.

Google Glass uses infrared and LED light to help users see in the dark.

The glasses are powered by a custom-built chip made by the company’s Advanced Micro Devices division.

The chip, which runs on Android, runs on Google’s Android mobile operating system, according Google Glass’s official site.