How to turn your glass shower into a magnifying glass

Google Glass shower enclulators, which attach to a glass shower door to magnify your shower, are a new addition to the company’s product line.

And they’ve been getting a lot of attention over the past few months, including a glowing review from Wired. 

I got to check them out during Google’s Pixel event this past week, where it unveiled the new shower enclosure.

The glass shower enclulator works by enclosing your glass showersink with a piece of aluminum foil, which is then sealed with a magnet that’s attached to a magnifier.

The magnet pulls on the foil, and the foil is then attached to the shower door, allowing the shower to be magnified to a distance of 25cm.

Google says that this magnifying lens is about 1cm wide, and that it’s easy to attach to any shower door that’s not already attached to your glass.

It also includes a microUSB cable to charge the lens.

The glass enclosure itself is designed for a length of 20cm or more.

Google Glass shower enclosure Google’s press event showed off the shower enclosure in all its glory, and it included a few more photos.

The shower enclosure is fairly small compared to most shower enclulations on the market.

Google is touting the shower as being a “simple solution” for the installation of a shower enclosure, and said that the enclosure is “easy to install and use,” which it says it did.

It said that it “does not require a separate bathroom” for installation, which makes it easier for someone to use with a second shower.

This shower enclosure can be used with either a standard shower head or a standard tub.

The standard shower enclosure includes a water reservoir, which can be mounted to the side of the shower.

The shower enclosure has a small hole for attaching the water reservoir.

It can also be used to attach a water shower hose, though it won’t fit in the standard shower.

The standard shower is available in three sizes: Standard, Medium, and Large.

The Large is a bit more expensive, at $1,299.

Google said that this shower enclosure “is more than adequate for people who don’t want to buy a larger shower enclosure.”

The shower also comes with an adapter, which allows users to attach the showerhead to the standard water reservoir as well as to other water sources, like the tub.

Google also said that its shower accessories are available for purchase in two different colors: black and red.

The red accessory is available for $159.

The Google Glass accessories for the shower, and other accessories, are available in the Google Store.