Prescription glasses from Sarah Glasser online for $49.99

Glasser, a California-based manufacturer of prescription eyewear, said it would soon begin selling its glasses online for a lower price.

The website for the eyewash brand has not yet been updated with details on the new price, but Glasser has posted an ad on Instagram showing off the glasses.

The company has also said it will be offering its eyewashes at a lower cost than the usual $100-$150 price.

Glasser said on Twitter that it was planning to launch its eyeshields online starting in early 2018.

The company, founded in 2003, produces eyewas and eyeglasses for women, men and children, according to its website.

Sarah Glassers website has links to more than 1,000 eyewears and glasses.

Glasser does not disclose its profit or loss for its products.

Its shares closed down $1.20, or 4.6%, at $41.79 in New York.