What you need to know about the new sea glass from Lush

The glass is being made by Lush in an undisclosed location, and while there’s no official announcement about what it’s made of yet, it’s known to be an environmentally friendly product.

The company says the product comes in a variety of colors, including shades of yellow, green and blue, and is intended to help make the glass even more comfortable for consumers in the future.

Lush claims the glass is made from glass recycled from the sea, but that it has to be water-based and is made with organic materials to meet the same environmental standards as glass made from other materials.

The glasses are also meant to be safe for people with respiratory conditions, and are expected to be available for purchase by October.

Lushes brand also announced that it’s partnering with Google to test Glasses for the US National Guard, and the glasses will be sold through the company’s store.

LUSH is also working on a new glasses line for the Navy, which will include a range of products based on marine environments and will be made with environmentally friendly materials, according to a statement.

Lusher is also currently testing a glasses line called Oceanside Glass, which features a range a different design and will have a wider range of colors.

The new glasses from Lushes and Lusher will also be sold at the new Glasses Plus store.