Microsoft has a new pair of glasses that it says will make your work life easier

With the release of its new Windows 10 “bifocals” glasses, Microsoft says it has developed “a new generation of hardware that lets you work with the same software you use everyday, while enhancing the visual experience of the computing environment.”

According to Microsoft, the new hardware allows users to use “the same operating system, applications, and settings across all the devices they use, while eliminating the need to change them on a regular basis.”

While these new glasses are just a prototype, Microsoft has said it will likely release new versions of these glasses in the future.

The company will also soon introduce its own “exterior glasses,” which it says are more advanced than those used by Google Glass and Samsung Glass.

Microsoft’s “bintill” glasses were introduced back in June.

They are the first Microsoft Glasses to feature a built-in microphone, which is useful for listening to conversations with other users.

Microsoft is also introducing a “bunyata” glasses system, which it claims can give people who wear them a more immersive experience, which includes a headset, a microphone, and a light source.

The glasses are currently available only in the U.S. and Australia, and the company says that they will soon be available in other markets as well.

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