What you need to know about the $US2 billion Tasmanian glass collection

A glass collection for Tasmanian residents.

Picture: ABC News (ABC Tasmania)The Tasmanian Glass Collection was launched in June 2016, after a $US3.5 million grant from the Federal Government.

A team of 40 workers from around the state has spent the last two years collecting and preserving the glass collection.

The glass collection is currently in the Tasmanian Government’s Tasmanian Landscape Protection and Conservation Fund, which will allow it to be preserved until 2023.

The collection includes about 3,000 glass bottles, with the majority made by the Australian Glass Company.

“It’s going to be a great asset for the state,” Tasmanian Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Michael McCormack, said.

“The glass in the collection is going to help us preserve the history of Tasmania and help create a rich and unique history of our state.”

Tasmania’s glass collection will be on display at the Museum of the Environment in Hobart from February 11 to February 15.