Philip Glass founder on how to grow business and stay alive

Philip Glass, founder of the consumer electronics company, has spent the past two decades helping people find happiness.

His passion for helping people live a better life began when he was just seven years old.

Now, his life is inextricably tied to the work that he and his team do every day.

He spoke with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer about how he was inspired to start his own business, how his company helps people find their true happiness, and what he’s learned from his work with Alzheimer’s disease.

The ABC News team:Philip Glass, CEO of Philip Glass.AP Photo/Nam Y. HuhThe work that Philip Glass does today is more than just a passion for creating products for the everyday consumer.

It’s a passion to help people live their dreams.

He’s spent the last 20 years helping people with mental illness and Alzheimer’s.

He’s an early adopter and believes the technology that makes life easier for people living with Alzheimer is essential to solving the world’s challenges.

In this interview, he shares the importance of technology in helping people get on with their lives and his favorite gadgets and gadgets he’s used over the years.

He was a very, very early adopters of the iPhone, and he said that the iPhone was a product that, to him, was the most important product of the 20th century.

I was born in New York City, in 1962.

It was a really exciting time.

I had been a child, and the World Wide Web was a concept that was kind of new.

I had always been a very curious child, fascinated by things.

And so I just started reading the books of the time.

And then when I was 18, I went to an Apple Store in New Jersey, and I bought an iPhone.

I was just very, just thrilled.

I didn’t have a choice, really.

I just had to buy the thing.

I think the idea that we were going to make computers, that we had invented the computer, was kind the big idea that made me want to make a computer.

The first iPhone was the first device that really took off in the United States.

And Apple was very proud of that.

And the fact that I was in the business of inventing products that were designed by engineers, who were working on a computer, that made people feel good.

It was just an amazing experience for me to be in a place where I could work with a team of brilliant people who were making things that people were excited about.

And that’s really what led me to start making products that we’re proud of.

I’ve always been very excited by innovation.

I’m not a fan of things that have to be made, and so I think it’s always been my vision to create things that are going to be innovative.

And this is the way that I think about creating something that will inspire and motivate people, and to make it affordable.

And I think the iPhone did that.

The iPhone was just a fantastic piece of technology, and people are still using it to this day.

And you can’t put a price tag on it, because it’s so good.

And it was a great product.

The iPad has come a long way since it was first released.

It’s probably the most innovative device ever made.

It has a new touch screen, it has new functions, it’s the most advanced tablet that I’ve ever seen.

And I think people are going for it because of all the innovation.

It certainly does the things that I’m trying to encourage people to do.

The iPhone was first introduced in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Apple has been a leader in innovation for the last 40 years.

The idea that people are spending a lot of money on gadgets that can’t do anything else has been around for a long time.

So what has changed?

The iPhone has changed.

It is so much more.

The iPad has changed, too.

It brings the world closer together, but I think you can see a lot more of what you can do with that iPhone.

What was the Apple I would have wanted?

What did I want my life to be like?

I was always really, really into the technology of the day, and then the iPod came along and changed everything.

I wanted to have my own device, and that was the iPad.

And now I want to have the same sort of experience that I had as a kid.

I wanted to be able to go to a movie with my friends.

I don’t know how many movies I’ve seen that are really special.

The same sort a movie can be made for two or three people.

I’d like to be one of those people.

You have an iPod, and you’re able to play music.

You can stream it to your phone.

You could go to the gym, which is great for me.

But you can only stream music to your device if you have a cable.

And most of the people that I talk to don’t have cable