Ars Technics: DIY wine glasses that fit in a pocket

Posted September 25, 2018 08:03:30A new study finds that the same amount of carbon dioxide can make a wine glass nearly double in weight compared to the same size glass made with a plastic straw.

The research, which appears in the journal Science, suggests that glass made of plastic straws could have a significant impact on the amount of oxygen needed to make wine.

In the study, researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara, examined a variety of bottles, ranging from standard wine glasses to glassware for cocktails.

The researchers used a gas chromatography technique to measure how much oxygen was being lost through the glass in each bottle.

The oxygen loss was determined by adding a tiny amount of liquid to a sample of glass to make it lighter.

The team found that the amount and volume of oxygen being lost was dependent on the material of the straws used, but the amount was not.

The straws had the same strength and the same density as the glass.

The results suggest that a straw could be used to make a very small amount of glass.

In fact, the straw was found to be nearly twice as heavy as the same weight straw used in the standard glass.

“This finding suggests that straws can be used in combination with a nonstick surface to improve the performance of glassware,” the study says.

“A straw used to create a lighter glass is also an effective means of improving the overall surface quality of a glass.”

The researchers say the idea that straw use might make glass more efficient is an intriguing one, but that it’s not proven.

“It is still unclear whether these straws are the only way to make glass,” they write.