How to remove a sliding glass door on a flatbed truck

How to open a sliding door on your flatbed trailer.


Find the correct size and position.

Find a large flatbed or trailer that fits your roof and attach it to your trailer hitch.

You may also find a large carport in the trailer hitch that will work for this.2.

Measure the length of the door and position it on the trailer.

Place a tape measure around the outside edge of the doorway.

You can also measure the distance between the door hinge and the frame of the trailer by measuring the distance from the hinge to the door frame.3.

Make sure the door is not overhanging any part of the hitch.

Use a small screwdriver to pull the door back out.4.

Take the door out and locate the latch.

Using a hammer, loosen the latch to reveal the inside.

Pull the latch out and you will see the hinges.5.

Place the door latch on the frame and turn it to unlock.6.

Install the hinge and latch assembly on the side of the truck that you installed the door.7.

Open the sliding door.8.

Remove the hinge assembly.9.

Replace the hinge.