When you think about your drinking glasses: Is it too small?

A new survey by the Associated Press and ABC News has found that many people are drinking too much water, and that most people who drink water are drinking it as a beverage, not to drink.

The AP and ABC surveyed 1,001 adults and asked about drinking habits, including their drinking water usage, in their households.

The results showed that 70% of adults said they drink at least two glasses of water per day, while 26% said they drank at least four glasses per day.

The average person drinks roughly 6,000 cups of water a day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while the average person in the U.S. drinks roughly 2,200 cups of tap water a year.

But a new survey from the Pew Research Center found that people drink a total of 11,600 cups of soda and 8,400 cups of other drinks a year, which is an average of more than one glass of water consumed every day.

The Pew survey also found that more than half of the adults who drink a lot of water said they do so to replace water lost due to a cold or dehydration.

People also tend to drink water more if they live in cities, and drinking water in places where there are lots of people and lots of water is more likely to be consumed.

People living in a city where there is more water tend to be more likely than those living in less water-rich areas to drink a little more than a cup of water.