How to make a glass candle holder to fit in your car

What if you could just put the light in the back of your car and turn it on without any effort?

This is just one of the many uses for a light in your vehicle.

With a simple DIY, you could easily turn your car into a light for the night.

While this project is just for the DIYer, you might also be able to turn your old car into an outdoor light and use it as a car wash.

The project includes instructions for making a cardboard lantern and some basic supplies.

If you want to make something that is actually useful, you’ll need some tools.

A piece of cardboard or a light bulb can also be used to light up your vehicle’s hood, but be sure to use a lantern with a high enough output.

A flashlight can be a helpful way to turn on a car’s headlights and tail lights.

If this project makes your garage a little brighter, you can also use it to light a candle holder in your driveway.

The DIY project will cost about $5, which isn’t a lot for what you’ll be able see on your own.

It may be cheaper to make the project yourself, but you can get more useful items with your DIY project.