How to Fix Glass Bongs and More: New Glasses for the Glass Front Doors

In the latest edition of the “Glass Front Doors” column,’s own Mike Clark talks about the new glass-bending technology and how to properly use it.

We recently reviewed the new technology from an engineering perspective and it is now available for purchase.

Let’s dive in.

The technology involves blowing small glass particles into a small air gap that can be filled with a thin layer of resin that seals the gaps.

The resin is then used to fill the air gap and the glass will shatter and shatter again.

We’ve seen some of the technology used on a lot of popular glass brands like Adorama and Vans, but none of them really hold up to the rigors of a real-world application.

This new technology should make the process much simpler and less expensive.

You can find a detailed tutorial video on how to use the new technique at the end of the article.