What to know about the glass blowing controversy

AUSTRALIA has a new trend in the glass breaking craze.It’s called stained glass blowing.Glasses blowing is when glass blowing enthusiasts blow their glasses with a clear frame.The process is not only for artistic effect, but for people who are blind.Glass blowing is a hobby of many Australians, including the blind.But […]

Why are glass and glass bottles so popular?

By now you’ve probably heard about the glass water bottles (or water bottles for short) that are so popular in the glass castle.I know, I know, glass water bowls are pretty cool and fun.But if you want to make a glass castle or have fun making glass water sculptures, this […]

How to Use Glasses in 2018

The first step is to buy an eye exam kit, and a prescription.This kit includes the eyeglass prescription, eyeglasses, prescription glasses, prescription filter, prescription and eye protector, and prescription glasses.These items are a good start.Then you need to buy a pair of glasses to wear on your regular day, which […]