Nikki Glasser, one of the most well-known face-lifters, is suing the company she works for for $7.2 million for defamation and $6 million for personal injury

Nikki is a longtime face-maker.After leaving the corporate world, Nikki spent a decade making face-lifting glasses for beauty salons, beauty salon stores, beauty salon stores, and a few others.But the company didn’t survive the financial meltdown of 2008-2009, which caused many of its suppliers to close and led to the […]

Which Are The Best Auto Glasses For You?

We’ve all heard of the new craze of auto glass and it’s only gotten better in the last few years.The newest auto glass craze is called milk glass and while it’s not just about the glass itself, the same ingredients are used to make it.It’s a really interesting idea that’s […]