Burberry glasses to be released next year

Axios — Burberry has announced that its glasses will be released in 2020.The glasses, which have been in development for more than a decade, are designed to blend in with the Burberry brand. The glasses, a nod to the brand’s “old-fashioned” roots, have been designed to give consumers a bit of […]

The Cooling Glass Maker’s Manual

Wine Glass Holder Glasses are the most popular cooling glass holder for men.They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from elegant and simple to elegant and complicated.But how do you find the perfect one?This guide will help you pick the right one.What’s a Cooling Widget?When a coolant (coolant […]

How to find the best beer in Australia

The best beer is the beer that you drink.Whether it’s a local or a foreign brew, it’s the beer you enjoy.There are many different ways to find it, so whether you’re a beer fan or not, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for a […]

How to stop being a “shrill” crybaby

In order to prevent “shampoos” from being marketed as “free-of-charge” cosmetics, companies like Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive are attempting to push back against the industry.A new campaign from the consumer group Consumer Watchdog aims to make a case for cosmetics companies to be regulated and protect consumers from “shamrock” products.The campaign, […]

How to buy American glasses

American glasses are often the first thing people notice when they come into the U.S., and they are a popular choice for consumers looking for a fashionable alternative to the more traditional European brands.And they’re still a major source of revenue for U.K.-based American eyewear maker Sea Glass.The company is […]

What’s the difference between glass and auto glass?

With the arrival of new glass products, glass-free technologies have gained in popularity and are now becoming increasingly affordable.Here are some things to know about glass, auto glass and glassware.1.Glass is not always glass.Auto glass and tinted glass, which are commonly used in automotive displays and other applications, are often […]


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