How to Buy the Best Oakley Eyewear for Your Kids

It’s no secret that kids love Oakley eyewear, and it’s no surprise that their parents love them too.But what about parents who want to get them for themselves?How can you get the best pair of Oakley prescription eyewears for your kids?Here are the best brands of prescription eyeglasses you can […]

Watch glass art at the beach

Glass art is everywhere at the beaches of Hawaii, but the beach is one of the most exclusive.But a new wave of glass art is surfacing around the world.Glass is an organic material with a unique chemical structure, allowing it to bend and change shape when exposed to light.The glass […]

How to get rid of old fashioned glasses

Glass has been used in the production of art for over two thousand years, but it has come to be considered a relic from an earlier era.Now a team of scientists are taking a different approach.“The glass industry is very old.It’s been around for thousands of years,” says Mark A. […]

What you need to know about stained glass windows

Glass is not a single material, but a complex collection of molecules and structures that allows a glass surface to be stained or oxidized depending on the ambient light, humidity, temperature, etc. There are many types of stained glass and each has their own characteristics.Stained glass windows can be made […]

Wine rack is back, but its a lot cheaper

By James Farrar Wine racks have always been ubiquitous in our lives, whether we’re at a cocktail party or just looking for a place to sit down for a few minutes of quiet time.And with so many options available, the choice between these popular options is a lot easier than […]

How to get a glass screen back after you break it

Glass screens are so fragile that some people just break them, even if they have a repair kit ready to go.Glass screen protector manufacturers make their own screens, and they can be pretty pricey.And there are some really good repair options out there, from cheap plastic to high-end ones.Glass screen […]

Gucci glasses glasses men and women

I know what you’re thinking: What do you mean by “gucci glasses”?You mean Gucci?Well, yes, Gucci Glasses are all about making you look like you’re the coolest dude in the room.But why wear them when you could wear your favorite Gucci shoes?And how many Gucci sunglasses can you afford?What if […]

How do you make an artificial glass animal?

Glass animals are a growing field of research.They can help you create artificial life-like creatures that can be used in medicine, research, art, and more.We’ve all seen them in movies, video games, and video games apps.Now, we’re getting a taste of what’s possible.The artificial life that we see is artificial.But […]


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